Traveling to the United States is a synonym of shopping at a very good price, right? (Yess!) But we should not miss days of walking from store to store, comparing prices and carrying bags throughout the city.

I always have a personal shopping list that I want to make on my next trip and I take the opportunity to buy everything from clothing and technological articles to makeup and decoration for my house, before traveling!. What I always do and I recommend to everyone I know, is to do all the shopping on-line, weeks before the trip.

I think I’m not the only one who thinks that way … A couple of years ago that “technique” worked super good: I bought online, I sent the purchases to the hotel that I was going to stay and.. ready! When I got there, there were my purchases. What happens is that as I said before, I’m not the only one with the great idea to buy before the trip, many people do and the hotels saw in that habit, an opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars. Now, the vast majority of hotels charge PACKAGE UP TO $10 or even $ 15 PER PACKAGE! This makes my old practice unfeasible! I know that in Miami, Las Vegas and New York practically all hotels adopted this practice…

But everything has a solution and the one that I present to you today, is ideal for all those who seek practicality, security and tranquility to buy online.

At as soon as you sign up they give you a physical address in the United States, just for you. With that address you can make your purchases as if your house was there. Buy and send all your packages to your address in Box in Miami. The best of all? They do not charge you for the package but they automatically choose your BOX, within the available options, to save even more! They have BOX of 10 packages up to 30 packages and if you like to buy a lot like me, each package can cost you just 2 dollars. While your purchases are coming, it is possible to accompany from a control panel, which has even pictures of the products, how many and which packages already received. If something went wrong, the wrong color or you just repented of that purchase, at Box in Miami, they help you with the return or exchange! And when you arrive in the United States (or Canada) they are in charge of sending your complete Box to the address that you indicate or if you prefer you can withdraw it directly in the offices of Box In Miami.

It is better than to send the purchases to the house of an acquaintance, who, although not unfeasible to tell you, is sure to be bothered with all your packages in the middle of your house (lol).

Well, you know, Box in Miami is the best option to save your purchases and enjoy your trip in the best way!



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